SYMMETRY  A.Ş , founded in 2015, in order to offer its over 26 years of sector acquisitions and international trade experiences to the customers and suppliers with integrity and honesty.

By following the developing technology, we always prioritize the forward-thinking approach and offer a customer-oriented solutions. We provide top quality services in turnkey and system delivery projects in all sectors which are within our area of expertise together with our project management partners in all around the world.


  • Frost Protection Systems (wind machines)
  • Installation of Storage Systems
  • Installation of Drying Systems
  • Installation of Natural Fertilizer Drying Systems
  • Installation of Broiler Housing Systems
  • Installation of Qualifying and Classification Facilities
  • Installation of Packaging Facilities

Besides installing of facilities, all of the feasibility, project design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning, and after sales services are provided.