Founded in 2012 as Symmetry Elevator by Mr. Ozgur Kulak and partners after over twenty years of experience in silo and material handling production. Symmetry quickly transformed into a major Turn-Key supplier for grain storage, flour milling and frost protection. In 2015 Symmetry Elevator changed its name to Symmetry Industrial Machinery to better reflect the industrial approach and widened areas of practice beyond grain elevators. Today Symmetry focuses on supplying Turn-Key solutions to its customers combining best equipment from EU, USA, China and Turkey with highly skilled Turkish installation crews. Our services include design, equipment supply, civil works, installation as well as project management for agri-industries.

Every year millions of tons of grain is stored and processed in Symmetry built facilities, we would be happy to discuss what we can do for your next project.


Flour Milling Solutions

A flour mill has dozens of very different equipment each of which require very high technical knowhow. No single company can have the knowhow and technical capabilities to manufacture all these very different equipment at a high level of quality. Today in Turkey there are at least 10 companies that manufacture all parts of the flour mill in house. In the end some of their equipment is good and some are not resulting in a poor complete mill. At Symmetry we know who makes the right for each part of the mill and combine different producers of equipment to come up with a mill superior to any made by a single Turkish producer.

For example we use cleaners and destoners from the French company Schneider Jaquet & Cie. This company since 1868 specialize in grain cleaners and only grain cleaners and make the best cleaners for wheat .

Schneider Jaquet SNST cleaner up to 400tons/hr

Schneider Jaquet Destoner upto 13 tons/hr

Another important success factor of Turn-Key flour mill supply is working with the right designer. While many producers work with inhouse designers Symmetry works with the top independent designers to assure highest quality flour can be made from the available wheat mix. Automation is also very important , we work with Atara Automation of Turkey for all our automation and scales . Atara has the advantage of being a producer of scales and packing systems to work in full harmony with the automation of the mill.

Cofco MMR mill with stainless steel parts

MMR mill one piece cast iron base

The hearth of the flour mill is the roller mills , Symmetry works with Cofco one of the leading food groups in the world and top producer of roller mills with over 1200 roller mills produced every year. One of the many advantages of Cofco Roller Mill is its one piece cast iron base that guarantees highest stability of the mill, performs excellent shock absorption , no deformation and maintain accuracy of the mill over many years.

Atara 4 station robotic packing line

Atara Automation Flowing Scale

Many Turn-Key flour mill projects require steel structures and steel silos. For our steel structures we work with PanCihan of Turkey a leading steel construction specialist located in Adana. With their inhouse design and project planning department and high capacity we can assure timely delivery of our project.

PanCihan steel structures under construction

PanCihan steel flour mill dosing silo